June 22, 2018
JPY/PHP 0.4800
USD/JPY 111.1000
JPY/VND 206.5000
JPY/IDR 126.5000
USD/PHP 52.5000
Foreign exchange rates to be applied to transactions may be changed by SMTJ any time without prior notice depending on market situation.
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Declaration of Basic Principles Pertaining to Anti-Social Forces
We declare the following basic principles in order to prevent the infliction of harm by groups or individuals that pursue economic interests by using violence, intimidation, or fraudulent means (so-called anti-social forces):

1. We will not have any relationship with anti-social forces.
2. We will take organized and appropriate measures in cooperation with the police, attorneys-at-law, and such other external specialized institutions in order to prevent the infliction of harm by anti-social forces.
3. We will not yield to any unreasonable demand by anti-social forces and will take appropriate legal measures with a firm attitude.
4. We will not provide funds to, or conduct under-the-table transactions, with anti-social forces.
5. We will ensure the safety of our officers and employees against unreasonable demands by anti-social forces.
1 当社は、反社会的勢力との関係を一切持ちません。
2 当社は、反社会的勢力による被害を防止するために、警察・弁護士等の外部専門機関と連携し、組織的かつ適正に対応します。
3 当社は、反社会的勢力による不当要求には一切応じず、毅然として法的対応を行います。
4 当社は、反社会的勢力への資金提供や裏取引を行いません。
5 当社は、反社会的勢力の不当要求に対応する役員及び従業員の安全を確保します。 
Dispute Resolution
SMTJ is a member of the JPSA (Japan Payment Settlements Association). Its membership to JPSA provides SMTJ clients an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) mechanism, to help resolve conflicts and disputes involving SMTJ’s clients’ transactions. Please see below.


8.0.1 Depending on the contents of a complaint, etc., or upon a customer’s request, SMTJ may introduce to the customer the Japan Payment Settlement Association (Shadan Hojin Nihon Shikin Kessaigyo Kyokai) (the “Japan Payment Settlement Association”) as an external complaint handling service.

8.0.2 Depending on the contents of a complaint, etc., or upon a customer’s request, SMTJ may inform the customer that he/she may use any of the respective dispute resolution centers of the three Tokyo Bar Associations as an external dispute resolution institution.

8.0.3 As it becomes necessary, SMTJ shall explain to customers the outline of complaint handling procedures, dispute resolution procedures, etc., under the preceding two paragraphs.

8.0.4 Even while procedures for resolution of a complaint, etc., are pending before an external institution, SMTJ shall take appropriate measures in good faith by, for instance, providing any necessary information to the customer who is an opponent in such procedures.

8.0.5 If, due to the customer’s domicile, the contents of a complaint, or such other reason, it is difficult to use the Japan Payment Settlement Association or any of the three Tokyo Bar Associations, or SMTJ finds it appropriate to have another institution handle the complaint, then SMTJ shall endeavor to ultimately provide a solution to the customer’s complaint, etc., by taking measures such as referral to another organization if at all possible.

8.0.6 If the Japan Payment Settlement Association, any of the three Tokyo Bar Associations, or any other external institution agrees to handle the procedures for resolution of a complaint or dispute, or if SMTJ receives a request for investigation of factual matters or submission of relevant materials, then SMTJ shall, upon conducting consultation among the President and Representative Director, the Managing Director, and the Compliance Officer, respond to the foregoing promptly unless there is a justifiable reason for refusal. If such justifiable reason exists, the Compliance Officer shall explain the grounds for such determination to the extent possible.


9.0.1 In connection with SMTJ’s use of the dispute resolution centers of the three Tokyo Bar Associations as a means for dispute resolution, SMTJ shall comply with the matters prescribed in the Agreement dated September 15, 2010 between the Japan Payment Settlement Association and the three Tokyo Bar Associations (“Agreement”).

9.0.2 If SMTJ or any customer of SMTJ files an application for mediation/arbitration with any of the three Tokyo Bar Associations for the purpose of dispute resolution, and such Tokyo Bar Association accepts such application and commences mediation/arbitration proceedings, SMTJ shall be present thereat on the date set for mediation/arbitration unless there is any justifiable reason otherwise. In addition, if such Tokyo Bar Association asks for submission of necessary documentation for the mediation/arbitration, SMTJ shall promptly submit such documentation unless there is any justifiable reason otherwise. Furthermore, if SMTJ has such justifiable reason, its Compliance Officer shall explain the ground for such determination to the extent possible.

9.0.3 In mediation proceedings, if the relevant Tokyo Bar Association recommends that SMTJ accept a settlement proposal, SMTJ shall promptly determine whether to accept such proposal upon consultation among the President and Representative Director, the Managing Director, and the Compliance Officer. Furthermore, if the relevant Tokyo Bar Association prepares a special conciliation proposal in accordance with the Agreement and presents the same to SMTJ with the grounds for such proposal, then SMTJ shall accept such special conciliation proposal unless there is any justifiable reason otherwise.

9.0.4 In the event that SMTJ refuses to accept a settlement proposal or a special conciliation proposal presented by the relevant Tokyo Bar Association, the Compliance Officer shall explain the reasons for such refusal promptly and take the necessary measures, such as the institution of a lawsuit.

9.0.5 In the event that SMTJ accepts a settlement proposal or a special conciliation proposal, the Compliance Officer shall assess, on a regular basis, the status of performance under such settlement proposal or such special conciliation proposal. If, as a result, it is determined that the performance is insufficient, then the Compliance Officer shall immediately notify the Managing Director to that effect and seek improvement.
To enjoy the trust and confidence of its clients, and for SMTJ to become the money transmission company of choice in Japan, it will observe the relevant laws and ordinances, as well as the other standards relating to customer's personal information. It will also conform with the various regulations that pertain to personal data protection, and will make every effort to conduct appropriate management and maintain accuracy and confidentiality in line with the following:

SMTJ acquires the personal information of customers so that our transactions with them will progress securely and soundly and so that customers can be provided with better remittance services.

The most general types of information to be acquired are the address, name, date of birth, sex, and the telephone number of the customer. In addition to these types will be information requested from the customer when transaction commences.

SMTJ shall not externally provide customer information except in the following cases:
• Where the customer has given his consent.
• Where the situation falls under the exception cases which are stipulated by a law or ordinance.

Appropriate measures will be undertaken so that customer information can be kept accurate and up-to-date. In addition, to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leaking of data, etc. of the personal data of customers, SMTJ will take the proper information security measures. In addition, SMTJ will ensure that any company handling the personal data of customers, etc. on consignment from SMTJ shall also enforce rigorous management.

Unless there is a particular reason, SMTJ shall approve customer requests for disclosure of their own information after verifying it is really one and the same person applying for disclosure. In the event of inaccurate information on the customer, SMTJ undertakes to make the necessary correction. It should be noted that actual costs may be billed for disclosure. SMTJ shall advise the customer of the amount of the actual costs in advance.

To continuously update clients of new products and services, SMTJ may decide to insert flyers, advertising materials and the likes in the mails it sends out to customers. If you wish to discontinue, please contact and advise us.

The customer may contact SMTJ f or inquiries, complaints, requests for disclosure, suggestions, correction of data, discontinuation of the use of personal information, etc., to the address mentioned and contact telephone/fax numbers mentioned in Provision 24 of the GENERAL PROVISIONS GOVERNING YOUR REMITTANCE above.

Any and all information listed above may be modified at any time and without need to make prior announcement to SMTJ’s customers Appropriate announcements will be made (like posting these in the customer area of SMTJ).

  1. SMTJ shall not be responsible for errors or delays in the domestic fund transfer, or for inaccuracies in the instructions provided to SMTJ, or for any other consequences arising from causes beyond its control. Nor is SMTJ responsible for any consequential damages caused by errors.

  2. Methods of Acceptance of Funds for Remittance: SMTJ shall receive funds for remittance from each customer by either of the following methods: over the counter, by money envelope, or by bank transfer; provided that, in order for SMTJ to process the remittance, each customer shall be required to submit to SMTJ an Application for Remittance and such other documents as necessary.

  3. Implementation of the remittance shall be done in the currency of the home country of the beneficiary (e.g., Philippine pesos for remittances to the Philippines), or in a foreign currency (e.g., US dollars) if the account of the beneficiary is denominated in US$, for example. It is also possible to credit in another foreign currency, like Japanese Yen (JPY), if the home country regulations allow such and if SMTJ will be able to implement such.

  4. Method of Determining Daily Exchange Rates:
  5. (1) If the remittance proceeds are converted into foreign currencies, (for example, Philippine Pesos for remittances to the Philippines), SMTJ will, as a general rule, use the most recent daily exchange rates as described in paragraph (2), quoted at the time SMTJ receives the client’s remittance instruction or at the time SMTJ receives the remittance proceeds, whichever comes later.
    (2) The daily exchange rates for the respective currencies are determined, as a general rule, by adding to the interbank rates (TTS rates) at the times set forth below the spread which is determined by SMTJ in the range between 0 % and 5.0 %.
    • Philippine Pesos: 11:00
    • Nepal Rupee: 10:00 and 14:00
    • Indonesia Rupiah: 12:00 and 18:00
    • Vietnam Don: 11:00
    (3) The day’s opening rates used on a certain business day will be the last daily exchange rates of the previous business day.
    (4) The daily quoted rates may change during the day, depending on the movement of the JPY with other currencies, and/or the prevailing competitive environment (exchange rates being provided by competitors).

  6. The delivering bank/company in the home country of the beneficiary may impose its own charges. For Philippine-bound remittances - Php50 may be deducted from the remittance proceeds to be received by beneficiary in the Philippines for credits to a personal account, and PHP 200 for a corporate bank account other than those of SMTJ’s partner banks/banks that can be accessed directly thru tie-up agents, as per Philippine regulation. Amount to be printed in the remittance statement will be both the gross amount which SMTJ received from the customer and the net amount to be received by the beneficiary. For other corridors, partner banks/pay-out agents may deduct some back-end charges from the remittance proceeds to be received by beneficiary as per beneficiary’s country regulations. Deducted amount may be changed by the authorities without prior notice.

  7. Maximum Cash Remittance Threshold (Limit on Remittance Amount): The remittance amount that the customer may request SMTJ to remit in each transaction may not exceed one million yen (JPY 1,000,000). Even if SMTJ is requested by the customer to remit an amount exceeding one million yen (JPY 1,000,000), SMTJ shall not be obligated to remit any amount in excess of one million yen (JPY 1,000,000).

  8. Cut-off time for receiving remittances from walk-in clients will be 17:00 during official working days.
    SMTJ may also refuse to accept remittances for credits to non-partners’ banks wherein SMTJ and its partner banks will have difficulty delivering the funds.
    In such cases,SMTJ may suggest to the customer alternative ways of receiving the funds, like claiming over the counter of partner banks, door-to-door delivery, etc.

  9. Standard Completion Time: Standard completion times of the remittance services provided by SMTJ are as follows:
  10. (1) For credits to bank accounts of other partner banks and for claiming of the remittance proceeds in cash, over the counter of partner banks or through pay-out agents of the partner banks/remittance companies: within 24 hours to 72 hours from the time of acceptance of an application for remittance during banking and operating days in Japan and in recipient’s country.
    (2) For delivery of the cash proceeds “door-to-door” (literally at the door step of the beneficiary’s registered address), after 24 hours to 5 working days in Japan and in recipient’s country from the time of acceptance of an application for remittance during banking and operating days in Japan and in recipient’s country, depending on whether the beneficiary’s registered address is in major cities, or whether in far-flung areas, outside of the main cities.

  11. Mailing of Statement: SMTJ will not automatically mail via post the remittance statement. However, all remittance statements are available upon request by remitter.

  12. Fees and Charges: As a general rule, SMTJ charges up to JPY 2,000 as the remittance fee per remittance transaction; provided that, in the case of remittance in Yen-to- Yen, the remittance fee per remittance transaction may be up to JPY9,000, and in the case of USD-to-USD or USD-to-PHP or USD-to-other currency, the remittance fee per remittance transaction may be up to JPY40,000. Clients will not pay any money to a commissioned party (outsourcing company) of SMTJ. SMTJ will charge up to JPY2,000 as a fee for change or cancellation of one remittance order. (In addition, applicable fees and charges will be posted at http://www.smtj.co.jp/remittance.php.)

  13. Cancellation of the client’s remittance request: SMTJ has the option to cancel the remittance request under the following conditions:
  14. • The purpose of the client’s remittance is against the Japanese Foreign Exchange Regulations
    • War, civil unrest or similar circumstances, that will make it difficult to implement the remittance.
    • The remittance is suspect to be involved in possible money laundering related to drugs, crimes, terrorism, etc.

    In addition to the aforementioned provisions, if any of the following items applies and it is not appropriate to continue transactions with the customer, SMTJ may suspend the use of the Services, or cancel the Services by notifying the customer. SMTJ shall not be liable for any damages caused by any such suspension or cancellation, and the customer shall be held liable for any damages incurred by SMTJ as a result thereof. In the case where SMTJ sends a termination notice, the Service is terminated at the time at which notice is sent to the customer’ s name and address of record, regardless of whether or not the notice is actually received.

    • Where the customer is a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan), a member of a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan), a former member of a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan) who has withdrawn from a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan) less than 5 years ago, a sub-member (Jun-Kouseiin) of a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan), an entity related to a crime syndicate (Bouryokudan), a corporate extortionist (Sokaiya), a rogue social movement activist group (Shakai Undou Tou Hyoubou Goro), special intelligence crime syndicate (Tokushu Chinou Bouryoku Shudan) or a group or person acting in a manner similar to or analogous to the foregoing (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Bouryokudan-in"), or, it becomes clear that the customer falls under any of the following:

    a) an entity that is recognized as having a relationship with the Bouryokudan-in in which the management of the entity is controlled by the Bouryokudan-in;
    b) an entity that is recognized as having a relationship with the Bouryokudan-in in which the management of the Bouryokudan-in is substantially involved in the management of the entity;
    c) an entity or person that is recognized as having a relationship with the Bouryokudan-in in which the entity or person seeks to unfairly benefit itself, its own company or a third party, seeks to cause damages to a third party or otherwise unjustly uses the Bouryokudan-in;
    d) an entity or person that is recognized as having a relationship with the Bouryokudan-in in which it provides funds or other benefits to the Bouryokudan-in, or;
    e) an entity that has directors or individuals substantially involved in its management that have a socially condemnable relationship with the Bouryokudan-in.

    In above cases, SMTJ shall not be liable for any loss on the client’s side from SMTJ’s non-implementation of the remittance.

  15. Contact Information:
  16. • The contact information written by the remitter in the Remittance Registration Form shall be considered the remitter’s correct contact address and telephone unless updated by remitter at a later date..
    • SMTJ shall not be liable for any losses or damages arising from failure to contact the remitter and/or beneficiary arising from inaccurate information submitted by the remitter on the Remittance Registration Form.

  17. Management of Remitter Member Number, etc.: The customer shall be responsible for strictly managing the Remitter Member Number and Remittance Reference Numbers issued by SMTJ to ensure they do not become known to any third party. In cases where the customer notifies the beneficiary (money transfer recipient) of the Remittance Reference Number, the customer shall ensure that the beneficiary (money transfer recipient) also strictly manages the Remittance Reference Number. SMTJ shall be in no way liable for any damages suffered by the customer as a result of the Remitter Member Number or Remittance Reference Numbers of the customer becoming known to a third party.

  18. The Remitter Member Number should not be used by a person other than the remitter to whom that member number has been issued. If abuse is revealed, SMTJ reserves the right to discontinue/suspend all transactions with that member number.

  19. When receiving a request for remittance, SMTJ is required to check certain matters under laws and regulations governing foreign exchange. The client, therefore should satisfy the following requirements:
  20. • State the purpose of the remittance and any other required information in the Application for Remittance with Declaration.
    • State the designated items in the Application for Remittance with Declaration and submit it.
    • Present the official documents to identify the client such as original/copy of the client’s certificate of residence.
    • For any transactions requiring government permission, submit documents proving permission of such.

  21. In order to effect overseas remittance requests, pertinent portions of the client’s information such as client’s name, address and account number (if applicable), shall be disclosed to the concerned paying/crediting bank.

  22. In order to maintain compliance with anti-money laundering controls and laws, SMTJ may, at its sole discretion, request additional information pertaining to the source of funds, prior to the funds being sent or even after the funds have been sent. Failure to comply with this request may result in the client’s registration being either deactivated or cancelled and funds being returned to the client, if fund is not yet remitted.

  23. Losses – SMTJ shall not be liable for any loss deriving from these events:
  24. • National calamity, war, any incident in transit, civil unrest, restriction by laws, emergency restriction by Government, or by a Public Body (like the Central Bank, etc.)
    • Failure of SMTJ’s computer system caused by failure of telecommunications connectivity/other problems (for example, unable to access the web, for web-based remittance systems).
    • Mistake in remittance details provided by the client, like name of the beneficiary, address, account number to be credited, contact telephone number, etc.
    • Legal dispute among the remitter, the beneficiary and/or third party.
    • Any other loss other than that of SMTJ’s.

  25. Amendment or Cancellation:
  26. • If SMTJ can determine that it can still be done, amendment or cancellation of a remittance can be facilitated upon the client’s request. Amendments/Cancellations cannot anymore be done once the funds are already withdrawn by the beneficiary.
    • A request for amendment or cancellation shall be made in writing, and to be signed by the client; or if amendment or correction is of previously registered data, request could be made by phone or SMS.
    • SMTJ reserves the right to require the client to submit, together with the written request, a copy of an acceptable identification, to prove identity of the remitter requesting for the amendment/cancellation.
    • SMTJ shall not be liable for any loss or damage if it cannot amend or cancel due to non-acceptance of the paying bank or the pay-out outlets in the home country of the beneficiary, restrictions of the law, emergency restriction by the Government or by a Public Body (e.g., the Central Bank, etc.).
    • For amendment, the original rate used when the original remittance was processed, shall prevail. As for cancellation, the Yen equivalent using SMTJ’s buying rate of the day when the exact fund is received from concerned paying/crediting bank or correspondent less their charges will be the refund amount.

  27. Non-arrival of the client’s remittance: If the client finds that the proceeds of his remittance have not been received by his beneficiary within reasonable and acceptable time frame as committed/promised by SMTJ, client should inform SMTJ the soonest, so that tracers can be done and for SMTJ can inform the client the result in due course.

  28. Matters not stipulated in the General Provisions Applied to Remittance Transactions shall be governed by laws, regulations, customs and practices of Japan and other relevant countries and the procedures prescribed by SMTJ’ various correspondents. Clients will not pay any money to SMTJ when a Registration has expired.

  29. Expiration and Renewal of Remittance Membership Registration: The duration of a Remittance Membership Registration shall be one (1) year from the date of application therefore; provided that the Registration shall be automatically renewed unless either the customer or SMTJ informs the other party otherwise in writing at least one (1) month prior to the expiration. The Registration shall be renewed for another year from the date of renewal thereof, and the same shall apply thereafter. Clients will not pay any money to SMTJ when a Registration has expired.

  30. Security Deposit System:
  31. (1) In relation to above (4) of IMPORTANT NOTICE, SMTJ has made the security deposit to the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau to ensure the Refund Claiming Right (hereinafter referred to as "claiming right") of the customer in compliance with Clause 43 of the Act on Settlement of Funds (Act No. 59 of 2009, as amended) (hereinafter referred to as the “Fund Settlement Act”). This security deposit shall be equal to or larger than a sum which consists of a principal amount of the Services, relevant fees paid by the remitter and a reimbursement fee worked out by applying the formula prescribed in Clause 11.5 of the Cabinet Order on Fund Transfer Business (Cabinet Order No.4 of 2010). In the event that SMTJ is unable to satisfy its obligations to the customer, the customer has a superior Claiming Right among other creditors regarding the security deposit.
    (2) In the Services, the customer retains the Claiming Right until the beneficiary collects the transferred funds but, once it is collected by the beneficiary, the customer is no longer able to exercise the right.
    (3) Should the conditions specified in Clause 59.2 of the Act on Settlement of Funds arise, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of the security deposit by following the procedures stipulated in Clause 59.2 of the Act. If such Claiming Right is practiced by the customer, the beneficiary is no longer entitled to receive the transferred sum.

  32. Customer Inquiries and Complaints: The customer may contact SMTJ for inquiries, feedback and complaints to the address mentioned and contact telephone/fax numbers mentioned below:
  33. Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K. (SMTJ) 9F Kinshicho City Building, 2-13-4, Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0022
    Customer Support Line Tel. 03-6869-5999; Fax: 03-3635-8625 For international calls: 81-3-6869-5999
    Business Hours: 09:30 – 18:30 (Monday - Friday); 10:00 – 19:00 (Sundays); excluding Japanese Public Holidays and the year-end New Year business holidays.

  34. Complaint Processing Procedures and Dispute Resolution Procedures: SMTJ has implemented the following complaint processing procedures and dispute resolution procedures. The following external organizations may be used for complaints and disputes concerning the remittance business operated by SMTJ.
  35. (1) Complaint Processing Procedures
    Japan Payment Settlement Association “Customer Hotline” Tel: 03-3219-0628
    (2) Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
    Tokyo Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center Tel: 03-3581-0031
    Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center Tel: 03-3595-8588
    Daini Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center Tel: 03-3581-2249

  36. Changes to the General Provisions: SMTJ may change the content of the General Provisions. In such cases, SMTJ shall announce the date of the change and the content of the change on the website of SMTJ, etc., and handle matters in accordance with the changed content after the date of the change.
  1. The information, date and/or representations, if any, provided for in
    this website are presented in good faith and general information only. SMTJ’s
    partner financial institutions nor any of their related group of companies make
    any representation or warranty as to their completeness and accuracy. The reader
    fully assumes the entire risk of relying on the information, data or representation.
    In no event will SMTJ’s partner institutions or their related companies be
    responsible for any damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or
    reliance upon the information or any transactional product referred to in the
    information so provided;

  2. Neither SMTJ’s partner financial institutions nor their related
    companies make commitment to update or correct any information that appears
    on this website, on the Internet or this WWW server. Should any reader of the
    information respond to any information by way of feedback, suggestions,
    comment and the like, including but not limited to, giving out of information on
    his/her bank account or such other information that are deemed by law, custom or
    practice to be confidential by nature, such disclosure of information by the reader
    shall be deemed waiver of its confidentiality, if placed on this Website, and be
    treated for all intents and purposes, as non-confidential. In such event, SMTJ’s
    partner financial institutions and their related companies shall not have any
    obligation whatsoever with respect to the handling of such disclosed information.

  3. Moreover, the reader fully understands that nothing contained herein
    shall be construed as to make SMTJ, owner of this website, and SMTJ’s partner
    financial insitutions, including their related companies, as partners, joint venturers
    or agents of one another.


    客は、以下の各号を十分に理解し、承諾したうえ、Speed Money Transfer Japan株式会社(以下「SMTJ」という。)の提供する送金サービス(以下「本サービス」という。)を利用するものとする。

    (1) 本サービスは、銀行等が行う為替取引ではないこと
    (2) 本サービスは、SMTJが預金若しくは貯金または定期積金等(銀行法第2条第4項に規定する定期積金等をいう。)を受け入れるものではないこと。
    (3) 本サービスは、預金保険法(昭和46年法律第34号、その後の改正を含みます。)第53条または農水産業協同組合貯金保険法(昭和48年法律第53号、その後の改正を含みます。)第55条に規定する保険金の支払の対象とはならないこと。
    (4) SMTJは、顧客のために、東京法務局に履行保証金の供託を行うこと。



  1. SMTJは、国内資金移動におけるエラーもしくは遅延または指図の不正確さ、その他の同社の制御の及ばない事由により生じた結果について責任を負わないものとする。SMTJは、エラーにより生じた間接的損害についても一切責任を負わないものとする

  2. 送金資金の入金方法: SMTJは、SMTJの店頭窓口、現金書留、銀行振込のいずれかにより、顧客から送金資金を受け付ける。但し、顧客がSMTJに対して送金依頼を行うためには、送金依頼書その他必要な 書類をSMTJに提出することを要する。

  3. 送金は、受取人の自国の通貨(例:フィリピン向けの送金はフィリピンペソ)で実行されるか、または例えば、受取人の口座が米ドル建てである場合には米ドルとする等、外国の通貨で実行されるものとする。また、受取人の自国の規則により許可されており、SMTJが実行可能である場合には、日本円(円)等の別の外国の通貨で入金することも可能とする。

  4. 日次為替レートの決定方法
  5. (1)SMTJは、(2)に記載するとおり、日次為替レートを設定する。送金資金が外貨に換算される場合には、SMTJは、原則として、顧客から送金依頼を受領した時点または送金資金を受領した時点のうち、いずれか遅い時点における最新の日次為替レートを用いるものとする。
    • フィリピンペソ:   11時00分
    • ネパールルピー:   10時00分と14時00分の2回
    • インドネシアルピア: 12時00分と18時00分の2回
    • ベトナムドン:    11時00分

  6. 受取人の自国の交付銀行/会社は、自国での手数料を課すことがある。(例:フィリピン向けの送金ではSMTJの提携銀行以外のフィリピンの銀行に入金する際にはフィリピンの法律により送金金額から個人口座 の場合50ペソ、法人口座の場合200ペソの手数料を課されうる。)送金受領書には、SMTJが顧客から受領した総額及び受取人が受領する正味金額の両方が記載される。その他の国への交付銀行/支払業者は受取人の自国法律により、送金金額からパックエンドの手数料を課されうる。控除される金額は予告なしに当事国によって変更される場合がある。

  7. 送金限度額: 顧客がSMTJに対して依頼する送金額は、送金1回につき、100万円を超えることができない。SMTJが顧客から100万円を超える送金依頼を受けた場合であっても、SMTJは、100万円を超える部分については、送金を行う義務を負わないものとする

  8. 店頭での送金依頼は、公式営業日の午後5時00分で、受付を終了する。

  9. また、SMTJは、SMTJ及びその提携的金融機関が送金に困難を生ずるような地方の銀行への送金依頼については、送金受付を拒むことがある。このような場合には、SMTJは、当該顧客に対し、提携先金融機関の窓口での受領や、宅配サービス等別の送金受領方法の提案を行う。
  10. 標準履行期間: SMTJによる送金サービスの標準履行期間は、それぞれ以下のとおりである。

  11. (1)提携銀行への銀行口座への送金および提携銀行における店頭における現金払い、提携金融機関の払出代理店を介した現金払いを指定された場合: 送金受付完了後、日本及び受取国の銀行及び業者の営業日の24時間から72時間以内
    (2)提携銀行による現金の「宅配 (door-to-door)(受取人の登録住所の玄関先)での交付を指定された場合(フィリピン、ベトナムのみ): 受取人の登録住所が主要都市圏内、その他の主要都市内、または主要都市外の遠方地域であるかにより、送金受付完了後、日本及び受取国の銀行及び業者の営業日の24時間以降~5営業日以内。
  12. 計算書の郵送: SMTJは計算書を自動的に郵送はしない。ただし、送金人の要求により計算書すべてを郵送する。

  13. 手数料: 送金1件あたりの手数料は、原則として2, 000円を上限とする。但し、円建てでの送金の場合は最大で9,000円の手数料がかかる場合があり、米ドル受け入れによる送金を行う場合、最大で40,000円の手数料がかかることがある。利用者が当社の委託先に直接支払う費用はない。利用者から申込がなされ、当社が受け付けた送金処理について、利用者の希望により内容変更又はキャンセルを行う場合には、1件あたりの手数料として、2,000円を上限とした金額を徴収する。(上記手数料はhttp://www.smtj.co.jp/remittance.phpに掲示されている)

  14. 顧客の送金依頼の取消し:SMTJは、以下の事項に該当する場合には、送金依頼を取り消す選択権を有するものとする。

    1. 顧客の送金の目的が日本の外国為替規制に反する場合。
    2. 戦争、暴動その他のこれらに類似する事態であって、送金の実行が困難である場合。
    3. 送金について、麻薬、犯罪、テロ等に関連したマネー・ローンダリングに関与するものであることが疑われる場合。



    1. 暴力団員等が経営を支配していると認められる関係を有すること
    2. 暴力団員等が経営に実質的に関与していると認められる関係を有すること
    3. 自己、自社もしくは第三者の不正の利益を図る目的または第三者に損害を加える目的をもってするなど、不当に暴力団員等を利用していると認められる関係を有すること
    4. 暴力団員等に対して資金等を提供し、または便宜を供与するなどの関与をしていると認められる関係を有すること
    5. 役員または経営に実質的に関与している者が暴力団員等と社会的に非難されるべき関係を有すること

  15. 連絡先: 送金依頼書に送金人が記入した連絡先は、送金人の正確な連絡先住所及び電話番号とみなされるものとする。SMTJは、送金人が送金登録書において提示した情報が不正確であることにより送金人及び/または受取人に対する連絡不能により生じる損失または損害に対して責任を負わないものとする。

  16. 会員番号等の管理: 顧客は、SMTJが発行した会員番号及び送金番号について、第三者に知られないよう厳重に管理するものとする。顧客が送金受領者に対して、送金番号を知らせる場合には、顧客は送金受領者をして、送金番号を厳重に管理させなければならない。SMTJは、顧客の会員番号又は送金番号が第三者に知られた結果として生じた顧客の損害につき、一切の責任を負わない。

  17. 会員番号の発行を受けた送金人以外の者は、当該送金人会員番号を使用してはならない。不正使用が判明した場合には、SMTJは、当該会員番号による一切の取引を中止/中断する権利を有するものとする。

  18. 送金依頼の受領時に、SMTJは、外国為替につき適用ある法令に基づく事項をチェックしなければならない。したがって、当該顧客は以下の要件を満たすものとする。送金依頼書兼告知書において送金目的その他の必要な情報を記入すること。送金依頼書兼告知書中の指定項目を記入し、提出すること。顧客の住民票の原本/写し等の顧客の本人確認のための公式文書を提示すること。政府の許可を要する取引については、かかる許可を証明する文書を提出すること。

  19. 海外送金依頼を実行するため、顧客の氏名、住所及び口座番号等の顧客情報の一部は(該当する場合)、関係の支払/受取人取引銀行に開示されるものとする。

  20. マネー・ローンダリング対策にかかる規制及び法律の遵守を維持するため、SMTJは、自らの単独の裁量において、資金が送金されるのに先立ってあるいは送金後でも、資金の源泉に関する追加情報を要求することができるものとする。この要求に従わない場合には、当該顧客の登録が解除されるか、または取り消され、資金がまだ送金されていない場合、顧客に返還される結果となることがあるものとする。

  21. 損失 - SMTJは、以下の事由により発生した損失に対して一切責任を負わないものとする。
  22. 全国的災害、戦争、交通機関の事故、暴動、法的制限、政府または公的機関(中央銀行等)による緊急措置電気通信接続上その他の問題(例:webベースの送金システムについて、webアクセスが不能である状況)により生じたSMTJのコンピュータ・システムの障害受取人氏名、送金先口座番号、連絡先電話番号等、顧客が提供した送金内容の誤り送金人、受取人及び/または第三者の間の法的な争いSMTJ側の事由以外によるその他の損失

  23. 変更または取消し
  24. SMTJが依然として実行可能であると判断できる場合には、顧客の依頼に応じて、送金の変更または取消しを行うことができるものとする。資金が受取人によって一旦引き出された後は、変更/取消しは一切できないものとする。変更または取消しの依頼は、顧客が署名した書面により行われるものとする。また、修正、訂正がすでに登録されているデータであれば、電話あるいはSMSで依頼を受けることができる。 SMTJは顧客に、依頼書と合わせて、変更/取消しを依頼している送金人の身元を証明するために、納得のいく本人確認書類の写しの提出を求められるものとする。SMTJは、受取人の自国の支払銀行または払出代理店の拒絶、法律上の制限、政府または公的機関(中央銀行等)による緊急措置により変更または取消しが不可能である場合の損失または損害に対して一切責任を負わないものとする。変更の場合には、当初の送 金が処理された時点に用いられた当初レートが用いられるものとする。取消しの場合には、関係の支払/送金先銀行もしくはコルレス先から正確な資金を受け取った日のSMTJの買い相場を用いた円相当額から前述の銀行の手数料を控除後の金額を返還金額とする。

  25. 顧客の送金の不達: 顧客は、自らの送金が、SMTJが約定/約束した合理的かつ許容可能な期間内に受取人により受領されなかったことに気付いた場合には、SMTJが、追跡調査を行い、その結果を顧客に然るべく通知することができるように顧客は至急SMTJに連絡するものとする

  26. 送金取引に適用される一般規定に定めのない事項については、日本及びその他の関係国の法律、規則、慣例及び実務、並びにSMTJ及び様々なコルレス銀行の所定の手続が適用されるものとする。

  27. 外国送金事前登録の有効期限および更新:外国送金事前登録の有効期限は、申込日から1年間とする。但し、顧客又はSMTJのいずれかから、有効期間終了の1ヶ月前までに、書面による異議の申し出がない限り、登録は自動的に更新されるものとする。更新後の有効期間は、更新の日から1年間とし、以後の更新についても同様とする。登録終了時における、顧客からSMTJに対する金銭の支払いはない

  28. 履行保証金制度:

    1. SMTJは、「資金決済に関する法律(平成21年法律第59号、その後の改正を含み、以下「資金決済法」という。)」第43条の規定に従い、送金人に対する送金準備金返還債務の支払いを担保するため、送金口座に入金された送金準備金の合計額に、還付手続に関する費用として「資金移動業に関する内閣府令(平成22年内閣府令第4号)」第11条第5項に規定する掛け目を掛けて算出した金額を加えた額と同額以上の履 行保証金を東京法務局に供託している。SMTJが送金人に対する当該債務を弁済できない場合、送金人は、履行保証金について、SMTJに対する他の債務者に先立って弁済を受ける権利(以下「還付請求権」という。)を有する。
    2. 還付請求権は、本サービスにおいては、受取人が現実に送金を受け取るまで、送金人に帰属するものとする。当該受取人が現実に送金を受け取った後は、送金人は、還付請求権を行使することはできない。
    3. 資金決済法第59条第2項に規定する事由が生じた場合、送金人は、同条に規定される還付手続により履行保証金の還付を受けることができる。当該事由が生じた場合、本サービスにおける受取人は、送金を受け取ることはできない。

  29. 顧客からの問い合わせ及び苦情: 顧客からの苦情、意見、相談については、以下の住所及び電話/FAX番号で受け付ける。
  30. 〒130-0022東京都墨田区江東橋2-13-4錦糸町シティビル9階
    Speed Money Transfer Japan株式会社
    カスタマーサポートライン:電話番号:03 -6869-5999  Fax: 03-3635-8625
    海外からの連絡先電話番号: 81-3 -6869-5999
    営業時間:09:30 – 18:30 (月曜日~金曜日) 10:00 – 19:00 (日曜日) ただし、日本の祝日及び年末年始の休業日を除く。

  31. 苦情処理措置及び紛争解決措置: SMTJは、資金決済法に基づき、以下の苦情処理措置及び紛争解決措置を実施している。SMTJの行う資金移動業に関する苦情及び紛争について、顧客は下記の外部機関を利用することができる。

    1. 苦情処理措置: 一般社団法人日本資金決済業協会「お客様相談室」 TEL:03-3219-0628
    2. 紛争解決措置: 東京弁護士会紛争解決センター TEL:03-3581-0031 第一東京弁護士会仲裁センター TEL:03-3595-8588 第二東京弁護士会仲裁センター TEL:03-3581-2249

  32. 規定の変更: SMTJは、本規定の内容を変更する場合がある。その場合は、変更日及び変更内容を、SMTJの店頭及びウェブサイト等において告知し、変更日以降は変更後の内容により取り扱うものとする。

  33. プライバシー・ポリシー及び顧客データ保護規定


    1. 情報の使途: SMTJは、当社の顧客との取引が安全かつ健全に実行され、顧客に対してより良い送金サービスが提供されるように、顧客の個人情報を取得する。

    2. 取得する情報の項目: 通常取得される情報の項目は、顧客の住所、氏名、生年月日、性別及び電話番号である。これらの項目以外にも、取引の開始時に顧客に求める情報があるものとする。

    3. 情報提供: SMTJは、以下の場合を除き、外部に顧客情報を提供しないものとする。 顧客が承諾している場合。法令が定める例外的状況に該当する事態の場合。

    4. 情報管理方法: 顧客情報を正確かつ最新の状態に保つために適切な措置が講じられるものとする。また、顧客の個人情報データ等の喪失、損壊、改ざん及び漏洩を防止するため、SMTJは適切な情報セキュリティ対策を講じるものとする

    5. 開示、修正または中止に関する顧客の申請: 特定の理由が存在する状況において、SMTJは、顧客自身の情報の開示の希望があった場合には、開示の申請を行っているのが本人であることを確認後、かかる申請を受け入れるものとする。顧客についての不正確な情報については、SMTJは、必要な修正をするものとする。開示に係る費用実費は請求することができるものとする。SMTJは、顧客に対して費用実費の金額を事前に通知するものとする。

    6. 販促資料の送付中止: 顧客に対して新商品及びサービスに関する新しい情報を継続的に届けるために、SMTJはチラシ、広告資料及びそれらに類したものを顧客に送付する。もし貴殿が送付中止を求める場合は、当社に連絡されたい。

    7. 顧客による問合せ及び苦情: 顧客は、問合せ、苦情、開示の申請、提案等のために、SMTJに対して、上記一般規定第24条に記載されている住所、連絡先電話番号、FAX番号に連絡を取ることができるものとする。

    8. 変更: 上記に掲げた情報はいずれも、SMTJの顧客に対して事前に発表することなく何時でも変更することができるものとする。但し、適切な発表(SMTJの顧客エリアあるいはウェブサイトにおける掲載等)が行われるものとする。

    9. SMTJ HEAD OFFICE: 〒130-0022東京都墨田区江東橋2-13-4錦糸町シティビル9階

      Tel: 03-6869-8555:コールセンター (送金依頼の受付、送金状況の問いあわせ ) Fax: 03-3635-8625 Softbank: 080-4385-8040


-Important Announcement-

For First Time & Walk-In Remitters
Please Present your
Residence Card and My Number

JUNE 1, 2016
For Existing Customers

Speed will not process and or refuse acceptance of your transaction until we confirm receipt of documents related to the My Numberマイナンバー (Individual Number個人番号).

December 18, 2015

-Important Announcement-

For customers who intend to become a member of Speed Money Transfer Japan K.K. (SMTJ) on or after January 1, 2016, will be asked to provide his/her “My Number”.
For details please click here.

November 15, 2015

To Our Valued Customers:

To serve you even better with a bigger space, the SPEED Roppongi Branch Office has moved to 4th floor Room 401 (SAME BUILDING).

Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

July 9, 2015

To Our Valued Customers:

A friendly reminder from SPEED Money Transfer Japan K.K. for those who are still holders of an Alien Registration Certification, that effective July 8, 2015, all Alien Registration Certificate should be replaced with a Residence Card. For further details, please check the Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice’s website: http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/english/keiziban/pdf/150331-3.pdf

Please note too that SPEED Money Transfer Japan will require all existing clients who are holders of an Alien Registration Certificate to submit a copy of their Residence Card (front and back). You may send copy of your new residence card via Viber at 080-4143-9494; MMS at 080-4867-0362; Fax at 03-3252-3230.

Thank you for your usual and kind cooperation.

June 1, 2015
August 23, 2014
[Important] Change to Remittance Limit of STUDENT VISA Holders

Dear our valued customers Thank you for remitting with SPEED

To fully comply with AML/CTF rule and protect our customers from unexpected being involved to inappropriate cases, the maximum remittance amount instructed by Student VISA holders will be changed as follows. Effective :25/Aug/2014 Change to be made: Maximum remittance amount JPY100,000 per one transaction and maximum monthly aggregated amount JPY200,000

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your understanding. More information, please call 03-6869-8555

May 20, 2014
Effective April 1, 2014, we will be sending remittance statement by email to introduce eco-friendly paperless process. Should you wish to continue receiving your remittance transaction statements by postal mail, please contact us at 03-6869-8555. Thank you!
February 2, 2014
Notice to our Nepal Clients:नेपाल का ग्राहकवर्ग मा सूचना :

साधारण अवस्था मा जेनिथ रेमिट बाट पठाएको पैसा निम्नानुसार समय मा प्राप्त गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ
१) नेपालका बैंक खातामा रकम जम्मा गर्नको लागि - बिप्रेश्रणको (रेमिटान्सको) निबेदन स्वीकृति भएको २४ घण्टा भित्र
(२) जेनिथ रेमिटको काउन्टर बाट बिप्रेश्रण (रेमिटान्सको) रकमको नगद भुक्तानी पाउन - बिप्रेश्रणको(रेमिटान्सको) निबेदन स्वीकृति भएको २४ घण्टा भित्र

सेवा सम्भंधि उक्त परिवर्तन मिति 2012/2/21 पछि लागु हुनेछ |

March 7, 2014

Currently, Zenith Remit is not offering Door-to-Door delivery of remittances (Cash Delivery).
हाल जेनिथ रेमिट ले घर-घर मा पैसा पुर्याइदिने सेवा प्रदान गरी रहेको छैन |

Remittance Services
For credits to bank accounts of other partner banks: within 24 hours to 72 hours from the time of acceptance of an application for remittance during banking and operating days in Japan and in recipient's country.

Allied Bank
Security Bank
Union Bank
Bank of Commerce
and other banks
Cash pick-up/claiming of the remittance proceeds in cash, over the counter of partner banks and through pay-out agents of partner banks/remittance companies: within 24 hours to 72 hours from the time of acceptance of an application for remittance during banking and operating days in Japan and in recipient's country.
Philippine Veterans Bank
543 Rural Banks
More than 15,000 outlets
For delivery of the cash proceeds "door-to-door", after 24 hours to 5 working days from the time of acceptance of an application for remittance during banking and operating days in Japan and in recipient's country, depending on whether the beneficiary's registered address is in major cities or outside the main cities.
Yen to Yen
Yen to Peso
Bills Payment Services
Social Security System
Membership, Loans
Membership, Loans
Food Remittance
Jollibee Padala
Food Remittance
Max's Delivery
Bills payment to:
  • Meralco
  • PLDT/Globe
  • Manila Water
  • Universities/Schools
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Megaworld/DMCI
  • SM Properties
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
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