SMTJ’s remittance system is on “MEMBERSHIP ONLY” basis. You should be a resident in Japan and 18 years old and above

1.1 Registration Walk-in

A. Individual (Foreign Nationals)

a.1 RMR (Remittance Membership Registration) form

a.2 Residence Card or “Zairyu Card”

If you do not have a Residence card, you may contact us at 03-6869-8555 and look for Compliance/KYC
section to provide you more information on how you can register with us.

a.3 My Number or “Kojin Bango” (Notification Form or Individual Number Card).

B. Individual (Japanese Nationals)

b.1 RMR (Remittance Membership Registration) form

b.2 Government issued I.D. (SMTJ recommends that your bring an I.D. with your photo such as Driver’s license, Passport, Individual Number Card, Juki card, etc.)

b.3 My Number or “Kojin Bango” (Notification Form or Individual Number Card).

Note: The Original I.D. or document should be presented and should indicate the full name, residence, and date of birth of the customer.

1.2 By Post (Non Face-to-Face)

You can only remit AFTER you receive your Remittance Membership Card (RMC)

For remittance membership registration form received thru post mail, customer must attach a copy of
acceptable identification documents (front and back copy of IDs) as stated above and My Number

(Notification Form or Individual Number Card).

You may call us during office hours if you want to request for our Starter Kit “SK”
(Remittance Membership Registration form, SPEED brochure, Return Envelope included).

C. Corporate

Companies can also register with us provided that required documents are submitted:

(1) Accomplished SMTJ’s Remittance Membership Registration form.

It should be signed by the President of the company (stamped with company seal).

(2) Tokibo Touhon (company registration), valid within the past three (3) months.

(3) Copy of the valid identification document of the company president.

(4) Copy of the seal impression (inkan shomei) of the company

(5) Beneficial owner(s) list

Note: Depending on your company structure, you will need to submit other required documents to complete your registration procedure. For more details, please contact our Compliance/KYC Section at 03-6869-8555.