Promo mechanics:
1. Simply tell and encourage your family or friends to register at SPEED. Inform them to:
• Mention your name when they register thru walk-in to any SMTJ branches
• Write your name on the registration form in the Shokai By field
• Input your registered email address on the Shokai-Referrer Email Address field, if thru Mobile App registration
2. Once your family member or friend becomes an ACTIVE remitter of Speed, you can then use your ¥600 FREE REMITTANCE FEE for your remittance transaction for any amount.
3. This is applicable for Philippine remittances except for Yen-to-Yen and Dollar ($) transactions.
4. ¥600 free remittance fee is non-transferable and cannot be monetized.
5. The more you refer, the more ¥600 FREE REMITTANCE FEE privileges you enjoy.