Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can register on the app?
        a. New Members – You will need an email address and upload your residence card and my number for identification.
b. Existing Members – Please use your registered email address on SMTJ. If none, please call 03-6869-8555 to update your record.
2. I encountered “Email ID already exists” error.
         Possible scenarios:
a. You try to register as New Member on mobile app but you could already be an existing SPEED member.
b. You might have accidentally backed out while on the registration process. Please wait for 15-30minutes then register again.
c. Another member of SPEED is using the same email address (in case of a family member).
3. How will I know if my mobile app registration is successful or not?
         You will receive an email that your registration is completed and you will receive the Remittance Membership Card on the mail.
4. How can I get the 6-digit verification code to activate my mobile app?
         The 6-digit code is your SPEED Membership Card Number which will be sent to your registered address by registered mail.
5. I skipped or forgot to upload my I.D. but I already click the REGISTER button, the app is not allowing me to upload anymore, how can I send my I.D.?
         Our KYC team will contact you on your registered mobile number or email address. You can also contact us at 03-6869-8555 on how to send your I.D.
6. Can I create one or more account on mobile app?
         We do not allow creating more than one account. All registration is subject to review and approval of our Compliance Section.
7. Can I change/update my personal information after registration?
         Only mobile number can be changed after registration has been verified by Compliance section. For all other updates of personal information please contact us.
8. What do I have to do when I receive my Remittance Membership card after applying thru mobile app?
         Log in to your mobile app and input the 6-digit SPEED card number on the KYC pop up box and click VERIFY for activation.
9. How many beneficiaries can I add on mobile app?
         You may add up to 15 beneficiaries. If you need to add more, you can contact us for more details.

10. Can I delete my beneficiary?
You cannot delete your beneficiary on the mobile app but you can contact us to request for beneficiary deletion form which you can send my post mail, email, fax or walk in.

11.How can I edit the name of my beneficiary in case I mistype the name?
         You need to call us for confirmation.
12. I already have an existing Beneficiary for Cash Pick Up, can I use the same beneficiary item to send Account Deposit transactions?
         No, you must create another entry with same beneficiary name but different transaction service (i.e. Account Deposit)
13. Where can I find the remittance fee information?
         Please visit our Facebook SPEED SMTJ or official website:


14. How do I send the money for my remittance?
         Yucho Bank ATM Code: 10190 Account Number: 93837421
When making deposit, please change the Depositors Name to: Membership Number + Surname. Guide in changing depositor’s name can be found in Transaction History.
15. How can I get the Reference Number?
         You can check the status of your transaction on your phone. It will show the Reference Number and other pertinent details of your remittance once approved. You will also receive an e-mail.
16. My beneficiary is not an individual account (Corporate name/Institution)
          Please input in First Name and/or Last Name. For middle name, please indicate period (.)
17. Can I still change the beneficiary after I proceed with my instruction?
          If no deposit has been made and your instruction is in “Awaiting Payment” status, you may cancel the instruction.
18. What is the maximum amount of remittance? Is there a limit on the remittance amount?
          You can send up to maximum of Jpy1,000,000 per remittance, subject for review of the Compliance Section. We may require documents as needed.
19. I cannot proceed with cash pickup transaction.

There is a limit on Cebuana cash pickup (Php50,000.00) and Pickup M-Lhuillier/LBC/Palawan Pawnshop (Php150,000.00). At least one valid ID is required for cash pickup.

If you need to send bigger amount of money, please choose any of our Pickup to Banks. (For bank pickup, two valid IDs are required)

20. Why I cannot proceed in the Payment type of my existing beneficiary?
          There is an existing account number for that beneficiary. But your last transaction is already more than a year. Please call 03-6869-8555 to verify the details of this beneficiary.
21. I cannot see my previous transaction to a beneficiary.
          For mobile app, we will only display your transaction history for the previous and current year. For complete list of transactions, you may request us thru 03-6869-8555.
22. My beneficiary bank is not in the list.
          You may still send transactions to different banks but not thru mobile app. You may visit our branch or call our head office.
23. I would like to pay my realty investment / bills payment.
          Bills payment, door-to-door delivery and gift remittances can only be paid thru Walk in to any of our branches or thru regular furikomi. You can still remit to these accounts by calling 03-6869-8555.
24. I have shokai promo that I have not yet used. Can I use it in Mobile app?
           We have a different promotion for mobile app users. Shokai promo, first time promo and walk-in promo are not yet applicable to mobile app.
25. What will happen if I didn’t deposit the required amount on SPEED Yucho account?
          When making transactions thru mobile app, the remitter can reserve his transaction following these timeline:

                  Transaction Creation Date
  11:00 AM- 11:59PM
Transaction Expiration/Cancellation Date
11:00 AM of next business day

    Transaction Creation Date
12:00 AM- 10:59AM
Transaction Expiration/Cancellation Date
5:00PM of same day

26. I have an existing beneficiary for cash pickup. Can I edit the same beneficiary if he/she has bank account now?
            Please create additional beneficiary for each bank account.
27. My beneficiary cannot claim funds because his/her name is incorrect/ misspelled.
            For amendment of transactions, please contact 03-6869-8555.
28. My bank is a joint account. Can I remit to this account?
            Yes, it is possible to make a remittance to a bank account where there are more than two account holders (Joint account). Please put the name as follows:FIRST NAME – Put the full name of the 1st account holder MIDDLE NAME – Put the word “OR” LAST NAME – Put the full name of the 2nd account holder