As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and if any of our branches needs to temporarily suspend the OVER-THE-COUNTER transactions. You may send your remittance by bank transfer to our following SMTJ accounts:

Account Name: スヒ゜ート゛ マネー トランスファー シ゛ャハ゜ン(カ
Code Number: 10150
Account Number: 93635791

Account Name: スヒ゜ート゛ マネー トランスファー シ゛ャハ゜ン(カ
Ordinary Savings Account Number: 4126600
Branch Name: Toranomon

After you transfer the money, you may call us at our main hotline 03-6869-8555 or send via SMS/text the following details so we can process your transaction:
1. SPEED I.D. number:
2. Remitter Name:
3. Beneficiary name (should be same on his/her valid I.D.):
4. Beneficiary address:
5. Contact number:
6. Relationship with remitter:
7. Purpose of remittance:
8. How to claim:

  • Cash Pick Up: Mlhuillier, LBC, Palawan, RCBC and AUB over-the-counter;
  • Credit to Bank Account (provide us with the bank account details)
  • Note: Cebuana Pickup and Door-to-Door services are temporarily suspended.

9. Total amount (remittance fee included)

If our Customer Center hotline is busy due to congestion of calls, you may send your remittance instructions at the contact numbers below:

  • SMS/Text: 080-3750-6268 
  • Viber App: 080-4143-9494 
  • Line App: 080-3508-8555 
  • Fax: 03-3635-8625 (please affix your signature)

The protection, security, and welfare of our clients and employees is our top priority. We will continue to do what we can to help meet your remittance needs.

We encourage everyone to follow quarantine guidelines, maintain personal hygiene, and practice social distancing.