Jeepney Press Nov-Dec 2023 Advice ni Tita Lits

Dear Tita Lits readers:

Excuse your one-eyed Tita Lits. In January 2024, I will continue to be one-eyed; at that time, it will be my right eye that will go under the knife (well, not literally, due to advanced laser technology now). Nothing to worry about—tumatanda na kasi si Tita Lits—ka-de-debut ko lang last November 8, at 70 years old!


Tito Dennis, ed-in-chief and art director of Jeepney Press, had to remind me of the deadline for the promised write-up on the Philippine Fiesta held last November 25–26, 2023, at Yoyogi Park. But I suffered from colds—coughing and fever—after my 2-day exposure walking the grounds of the festival, observing happenings, and of course manning our own booth. IT WAS FREEZING, LIKE WINTER IN AUTUMN! It even rained on the second day, which made the weather worse.

On the first day, when Her Excellency, Philippine Ambassador to Japan, Mylene J. Garcia-Albano, welcomed the guests of honor from the Philippine and Japanese governments, the head of a regional international organization for ASEAN and Japan, diplomats from various diplomatic missions, and all our Kababayans, Japanese, and other foreigners who wanted to experience a Philippine Fiesta atmosphere, it was. Click here to continue.